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Last Update: 25 05 2018
Version 8.0.4b


BDA is adopting the following strategies to achieve both its social, economic and environmental objectives:- 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Promoting Social Development
  • Human Resource Development
  • Corporate Management

Strategic Planning
To develop a well-planned and harmonious friendly city through the provision of quality development, social, economic and municipal services.

  • Promoting Social Development
  • providing social amenities to enhance quality living of the community; 
  • promoting social interaction among the people through community services; and providing healthy and clean physical environment through our local authority's services.

Human Resource Development

  • recognising the importance of performance, professionalism, co-operation, mobility, creativity and loyalty of our employees through:- 
  • placing employees in jobs best suited to their abilities and performance; 
  • promoting employees capabilities through basic and advanced training programmes and to develop qualified management personnel; and 
  • managing co-operatively on the basis of information, delegation, management by objectives, mutual respect and teamwork. 

Corporate Management

To achieve Total Quality Management through:-

  • participative management, teamwork and integrated values;
  • total involvement and creation of necessary organisational culture to enable
    the development of quality services; 
  • flexibility in adopting the changing environment; 
  • projecting a fair and caring corporate image; 
  • enhancing financial management; 
  • diversified effective, efficient, friendly and quality services; and